Download Essence: The Dungeon 2.8.0 APK

Download Essence: The Dungeon 2.8.0 APK

※ Notice
– This game requires an online connection for payment.
– Since all data is stored only on the device, deleting the app will cause loss of the data.
– If you have already purchased 1.x.x version, please send your receipt by e-mail. We will give you a promotional code.

※ Controls
– Single touch : select / move
– Multi-touch : cancel / menu

※ Game
– This game is the first piece in the Essence series and is a turn-based classic JRPG.
– As an adventurer, you have recently heard strange rumors about the kingdom. While investigating the rumors, you are in prison and are forced to clear the dungeon.

※ Game Tips
1. The goddess is able to increase your parameters, return you to the dungeon, and save data.
2. In the beginning, it is good to equip a Great Sword that can attack all enemies.
3. There is a handy item that enables you to avoid battle at snake habitat in The Wild.
4. If the current space is too difficult, go down to the next space to find good equipment.
5. If you are defeated in battle, you lose half of your gold.
6. The evasion rate is determined by the Agility difference before the battle begins.
7. All abnormal states are removed at battle end.
8. Weapon special attacks deal damage without being affected by Defense.
9. The maximum amount of money the player can have is 999G.
10. There is important information on bookshelves.

※ Parameters
– Attack : normal and special attacks
– Defense : the damage reduction of physical attacks
– Focus : magic attacks
– Resistance : the damage reduction of energy attacks
– Agility : evasion rates and turn order

※ Refunds
– Within 48 hours of purchasing the app, you can get a refund by submitting a refund request to Google.
– Refunds contacting the developer are not allowed.

※ Contact
– e-mail: [email protected]
– Twitter:
– Website:
– As the Cane’s special skill, Concentration has been added. The skill recovers EP.
– The Cane’s EP regeneration capability has been removed.
– The EP regeneration capability added to Cloth.
– Now Plate Mail reduces Agility by 1.
– Bug related to bare-handed attacks has been modified.

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